Sunday, October 17, 2004

Thanks Rain God, YOU do not let us down the Chennaities due to Cricket Match !!!

As we know, Chennai has been facing high water scarcity and the people of the city only hopes to get some rain only in Oct out of all 12 months. But our cricket authorities took the Chennai take it granted and believe that Chennai would not get rain even in the monsoon. They scheduled the test match in Oct 14-Oct 18 which against the wishes of the Rain God and also the true cricket lovers of the Country.

Since the match was scheduled and the last day was in due but Rain God rightly interrupted !!! Now people of the city could not ask for the better state of decision to say whether "YES" or "NO". Definitely they would reluctant to say "NO" as the rain comes very seldom. But some people would say "Please rain next day" !!! Anyway it is a poetic justice given by the Rain God !!!

Let us not wish the rain to go away but the same time we do not want disappoint the fans!! But this must be a lesson to TNCA!!!!

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