Monday, September 19, 2016

Values  Vs Emotions  !!!!

I write here, what it comes to my mind after seeing all the incidents in Bangalore over Kaveri Dispute with high emotions have been running in both states !!!! Let me clarify, it was much unexpected violence in Bangalore to damage the properties belong to Tamils and torched more than 100 vehicles in Bangalore alone. Out of these, there are 42 KPN luxury Volvo buses   were burnt fully in its shed. This created lot of flutters about Bangalore not only in India but in the International news also for a day !

Every human being is identified by two important aspects which no other soul can have in the world.

1. Values
2. Feelings or Emotions.

Every one of us  is being influenced by these above and we are experiencing them in our all activities we do. At the same time, we are entangled between the Emotions and Values in a great way on how to handle them both together.  My understanding of both of them is simple.  Emotion is a transient phenomenon  and it can be indued by others or self by what you see or hear.(by using all sensory organs ).  This includes from religious sanity, sanctity of state and sex. All emotions are pertaining to oneself at any given point of time.  It can be easily tapped to others as well as ignite the half baked minds more than a well cooked minds by any great orations by so called leaders and real leaders also.  The point is, we  should inculcate Values  by oneself  with his/her own consciousness without any pride or prejudice of the value. This stays with the person till he/she dies. Unfortunately, values can not be transferred like emotions !!!
However, emotion plays major part of the everyone's life than values visibly.  As an individual we can only handle our emotions intelligently, which is a big corporate topic/training for more than a decade. We all might have undergone one or other time. Every human being is nothing but bundles of emotions. The nature of the emotion is by God's grace is short lived.  As you do not see a person with Anger, laughter, lust etc for days together. Unfortunately, when someone allow the emotions to continue for a long that creates a terrorist, drug addicts, sex abusers, social perpetrators, hooligans  etc.

A value oriented person controls his/her emotions though at times it crosses the limit and it can be brought back by the Values that he/she strongly inculcated in their mind and soul.  The value is well thought out one and to be inculcated !!! By doing this, we can proudly say,  we are living in a  very matured society.

கருணை என்பது தான் கடவுள் - அதில்
கடமை என்பது கருப்பொருள் !!!!  

Means :

Humanity is only GOD  - where
Duty is the Nucleus of GOD !!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kaveri God !!!!!

கடவுள் என்பது கர்நாடகம் அல்ல
காவிரி என்பதும் கர்நாடகம் அல்ல

கருணை என்பதே கடவுள் - அதில்
கடமை என்பது கருப்பொருள்

எவ்வினைக்கும்  உண்டாம் எதிர் வினை - அது 
உன் செய்வினைக்கும் - தான் !!!

தீமை என்பது நன்மையின் எதிர் மறை மட்டும் - அல்ல
நன்மை எனும் நாற்றங்காலை
வேரோடு பிடிக்கிட்டும் நச்சுச்சக்தி !!

கடவுள் என்பது கர்நாடகம் அல்ல
காவிரி என்பதும் கர்நாடகம் அல்ல

கருணை என்பது தான் கடவுள் - அதில்
கடமை என்பது கருப்பொருள் !!!!

 English Meaning :

GOD is not in any state - And
Kaveri too is not any state

Mercy is only GOD - In that
Duty is the nucleus of GOD

 Each and every action has its  own opposite reaction
 It applies to all the planned perpetrated actions too

Evil is not just the opposite of Good !
It removes the roots of the Good society

God is not in any state
Kaveri too is not any state

Mercy is only GOD - In that
Duty is the nucleus of GOD


Tuesday, June 05, 2012

How do you get Residential BBMP Building Plan approval in Bangalore

I have collected some of the important information that you should know. All of these are coming after I learned in hard way. Will compose quickly.. !! Stay tuned. Let me share more on this..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

IPL deserves or BCCI/Modi

The power of India's decade long growth couldn't be seen better than any other filed other than Cricket by a common man. It attracted the world's top most cricketers to play for it, who might have thought that India was a just a 'developing' country. whenever they toured India.

The IPL has been feeding more than enough to the cricket obsessed Indian crowd. The crowd too enjoying throughly every bit of action from IPL. Did anyone deserve to be the brainchild of IPL ? The IPL was claimed to be a brain-child of Lalit Modi by media and many people. But, the bitter truth is that it was conceived from ICL ( Indian Cricket League ) which was tactically closed by the master mind and money power of BCCI.

The amount of money is being floating around the IPL could not be imaged by any one else including Modi!! When there are lot of unexpected growth and revenue, he has played his part to channelize it properly for IPL and also for himself. In the contemporary world, many of us want to earn the money as much as and as quick as possible. Around IPL, everyone of them are making huge amount of money at the cost of whom. It is all about entertainments for the people. IPL really a break through for lot of young lads who never ever get a berth in the international match. Still, IPL should be continued for the many reasons :) but not Modis, Tharoors, Pawars .. It should be governed by set of professionals. However, it would be great challenge for the whole country to find a single professional who would be loyal, honest and sincere to this 'Dollar Cows' !!!!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Why do you hold your Response !!!!!

How many times you have regretted for your action and speech on behalf of your self!! This is sometimes ticking my mind how an individual would evaluate his speech and tone!!

Recently I attended one Soft skill training which is on the whole some learning was there.. In fact I really like the following terms but practice is in fact not an easy one !!!

1. Holding your response R1....

How many time you have thought and gave the reply, I am not sure I might have done is only for any touch technical questions but how many times we will be able to hold the response for the personal questions which might put you under pressure to open your month.

As the theory says, for any question your mind stimulates more than 'n' number of responses like R1,R2, R3...Rn. The R1 will have the utmost peak emotion based on the pressure applied on you for the response. This R1 would be only reaction rather than any logical or better response for the question. The beauty of the response is that it will die itself once it reaches the brain and brain not making it out. Then R2 will be in the R1 postion to be delivered. This R2 will be better one than the R1. You must hold the response to give the better response which would be good to continue or conclude the emotional discussion.

The challenge is that we must aware of this all the time when you respond. However, when I retrospect, we have been trained to give instant responses from schools to family circle. If someone think and speak, sometime it is valued as disrespect or sometime the school teacher expects the rapid fire responses from the students. May be these practices might influence us for being in this instant response state.

Let us hold our response how sometime we hold our breath :)

Monday, December 31, 2007

Tiruppur as New District - Reckons its Developments

The below mail was sent to CM cell and Local administration minister on 17th Nov 2006. As Govt announced that Tirupur Municipality would be promoted as Corporation. But, my concern was why not it become a District along with few backward towns around Tiruppur. It seems that there is a plan for it. I am glad to know and also thrilled that my concerns are taken by Govt knowingly or unknowingly..

On Nov 17, 2006 9:59 AM, SenthilKumar N K wrote:

Respected Sir,

I am glad to know that our esteemed government has announced that 'Tiruppur' will be upgraded to Corporation. I would like to pin point that this may be good for Tiruppur. But, you may need to influence the developments of Tiruppur to adjoining towns like Dharapuram which has been in the backward stint for a more than 3 decades. To accomplish this I would suggest the following.

1. Government need to form a new District, head quartered at Tirupur.
This will definitely solve many day-to-day issues of biggest industrial communities not to go to Coimbatore.

2. New Tiruppur District shall have Dharapuram as of its Taluks. I am not here to comment how you could get the share from Erode and Comibatore Districts. But I can think of New Tirupur district is required to have Dharapuram and all its near towns like Kundadam, Mulanur, Kangeyam and Velakoil.

3. Obviously, Permanallur, Vijaymagalam, Avinasi and Palladam will come under Tiruppur.

4. When we have Krishnagiri, Permabalur, Theni like small towns are transformed to District, I think we need to really give a big support to make 'Tiruppur' as a District.

5. As Dharapuram has been under Erode which 80 KM from the HQ and it is not really great for us to have things done there. Even before this, we were with Coimbatore which was the same for us.

6. By having a new district as Tirupur, it grows as you planned for it and it helps to grow the adjacent towns which is more important.

7. So far, Dharapuram it has not been having any great political leaders to take up this matter to you. But I vow to take up to your People's Government to resolve this soon.


Yours faithfully
SenthilKumar N K

Copied To:

1. Local Administration Ministry Secretary under Honorable Minister Mr. M.K. Stalin

2. Planning portfolio Ministry Secretary under Honorable Minister Prof. K. Anbazhagan

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Inclusive of the weekend (Sat) I attended the Scrum training as we are looking for the scrum implementation of all the projects in my BU step by step. As a step one, we are making many folks trained in SCRUM.
Part of it, I attended the training. It is a new phenomenon and most of the companies are searching something to speed up the time to mark and detecting the earlier failure rather than knowing at after spending many months. The same point is much a catchy for the customers too.

As the prototype model, iterative and increment all served some good purpose. However, still there are many projects and its end customers are not happy about the way things are delivered to them as committed.

Scrum claims to remove this as much as possible in a way of saying " Art of Possible" .. It remands highly self-motivated team to do this. Surely, there is shift in the project paradigm as we managed so far..

Let us hope for the best...