Sunday, October 17, 2004

Who is biggest Gunda Of my Party ADMK)

After reading JJ's iinterview with BBC..comments given by one of the blogger!

Actually I have seen few such interviews and the
questions usually were to put the guest in a tight
corner. Those guests I saw (Chidambaram, Bal
Thackeray??,...) handled these situations with
dignity. They did get cornered, interrupted, but they
behaved. Our AMMA being what she is, it was not

If you recall her political survival, you may notice
that she projects herself as being victimised and
creates sympathy and survive on that (1989 drama in
the assembly and all related 91 election posters till
Rajiv's assasination, previous state election,...)

These apart, I do admire her ability to take brutal
control over the party and all the gundas there. She
is the biggest gunda of the party. (Oh, dont look at
her size!!!!)

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