Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thoughts in Kanchi Jeyender Case !!!

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From: "N. K. Senthil Kumar"
Date: Thu Nov 18, 2004 10:42 am
Subject: Re: [SALEM_GCE91] Sami


I guess definitely this arrest is not intended to reveal the truth rather than taking the political mileage of their own.
I welcome the arrest as the murder took place in a temple that too in a brutal manner. But the same time, I am wondering the DK and Communist ( including DMK, Cong called Secular parties) would it they take if any Muslim or Christian religious head was arrested. Not surprisingly, many minority religious heads condemned this because of the same might be applied to them if any thing sort of this happens. Still, they should not feel insecure as the so-called secular will not let them down.

Why should hindus feel bad about it. Police did not arrest the God ! If the poeple are praying only God rather than the "God man" thing would improve :-)

1. Law is taking its course of action which makes every one is same under the law (seems :-)
2. Should be the alarm for other religious heads
3. Exposes the BJP's further weakness in TN [ Way they handle this issue ]

1. Way of the arrest carried out [ Friday night 10.00pm ..]
2. Not intended to reveal anything except the political mileage

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