Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Firefox 1.0 Tips and Tricks

I'd post this in order to help all of the people who've been flocking away from IE in favor of Firefox. I've found a couple of nifty things recently, and I just wanted to offer this info to all Firefox 1.0 users.

Stop webmasters from killing your right-click menu
1) Go to your Tools menu, and choose Options
2) In the new Options panel, choose Web Features on the left
3) The bottom checkbox is for enabling/disabling JavaScript. Next to that is an Advanced button. Click it.
4) Uncheck the option for Disable or Replace Context Menus

Stop webmasters from resizing your windows
1) Go to your Tools menu, and choose Options
2) In the new Options panel, choose Web Features on the left
3) The bottom checkbox is for enabling/disabling JavaScript. Next to that is an Advanced button. Click it.
4) Uncheck the option for Move or Resize Existing Windows

Block Flash sites from opening popups
1) In your address bar, type about:config
2) Right-click in the window and choose New » Integer
3) When it asks for the preference name, type privacy.popups.disable_from_plugins
4) For the value, choose either 0 (no blocking), 1 (treat like any other popup window), or 2 (block completely)
5) Restart Firefox

Block in-page ads
1) Download the AdBlock extension for Firefox and install it.
2) Read these instructions
3) Load the latest dated definitions from this archive. You can also Google around to see if better definition lists are around.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Are Chennaities Unhappy over CAS then Vote against CAS!

There is a discussion often floated, Why Chennai alone has been taken for granted to implement the CARS. Few people felt that this CAS is irrational as out of the whole country only Chennai implemented this. Even we are ready to pay Rs 300 or more but we do not have the option of watching all the channels as rest of the India enjoys!!! ( I am not sure whether they are enjoying or succumbed to the exorbitant Cable rates ). But in Chennai the reality is different as most of the people in Chennai are happy to PAY only less than Rs 100 and enjoy the limited service (channels) offered.

If you are unhappy about the CAS ...pls vote

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Surprised !!!! Reply from DMK office ..

I am suprised to get a reply as I use vent my feeling about the systems and orgs. Here I got a bit of encouragement to continue and foucs it more.. !!


From: DMK
To: Senthil Kumar
Cc: dmaran@nic.in
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 11:17:54 +0530
Subject: Re: Does SUN network and DMK web URL change domain names to"co.in"!!!!!!!!!
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Dear Sir,
Thanks for the mail.

I have already registered the domain called www.dmk.in according to the
request of IT & Communication Minister Thiru Dayanithi Maran.

you can visit our homepage using through this url www.dmk.in and

I am proud to say that we always ahead in implementing the latest technology
in our services.

I apprecitate your overwhelming care about us..
Thanks again.

"Anna Arivalayam"

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Outsourcing at its best..:)..

Ferrari's F1 Team has fired its entire pit crew. The announcement

Ferrari has decided to take advantage of India's high unemployment
rate, and hire unemployed Indian youths from the Dharavi slums
in Mumbai. The decision to hire them was brought on by a recent
documentary on how they were able to remove a set of wheels
from a car parked in the street in less than 6 seconds without
proper equipment. Ferrari's erstwhile crew took more than 8
seconds with the right equipment. This was thought to be an
excellent yet bold move by the Ferrari management, and, as most
races are won & lost in the pits, Ferrari would have an advantage
over every other team.

However, Ferrari's expectations were exceeded, as during the
crew's first practice session; not only were 'da boyz' from
Bombay able to change the
tires in under 6 seconds, but within 12 seconds had resprayed the car,
off the chassis number and sold the vehicle over to the McLaren Team!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Mail to SunTV and DMK Party

Dear Sir,

Last few days, I have been seeing that during the end of Sun TV
Programs, the web site is mentioned as 'www.sunnetwork.in". But I am
unable to find the same.Even then, I think it should be
www.sunnetwork.co.in and it seems this also does not exist.

Also the DMK web site is thedmk.org which also does not comply with
what our Union Communication Minister asked/requested to all. Also DMK
can think of some thing constructively to give positivie news to all
Tamil/Sun viewers.

Please go on read the following.

I would really appreciate if you would have changed the web site URL
to comply with nation domain name like subnetwork.co.in. This was
mandated by Union Communication Minister and this way we can show IT
strength and be proud about India. I hope the spirit in which the
Minister talked, might have been taken in the right spirit in Sun TV
where he also has the hold :-)

Anyway Sun TV is the ultimate media to influence the people (even non
Tamil speaking too) but do not get carried away as many neutrals
viewers will be turned around opposite if more venom is injected
always like Jaya TV. I think you have a right to counter attack but
better show the good thing the TN central ministers [ irrespective of
part as all belong do UPA ] are doing rather than saying because TN
govt is not co-operating. This is known factor to every one and no
need to make the propaganda. Also what ever, you tried to emphiase on
Jaya cases were not directly influenced the voters because most of the
neutrals say that all are corrupted. So, leaving the corruption
propaganda, what good things UPA has given to TN so far. I know TN has
the greatest golden opportunity to grow if state govt also in the same
par with central.

Hence, the votes will do this in the coming election. Before that you
can not under estimate your alliances!! Let them also come in some
news in SUN TV. That way you can persuade them !! I have not seen
single shot (picture ) Vaiko recently..!!! Why this discrimination..

I remember this is a best example how SUN TV exploits the
personalities for your sake!!! EVKS Enlongavan was being showed
almost every day in your news before the DMK and Cong alliance..I
firmly believe that without EVKS, you would not have smooth sailing to
Cong alliance (Applicable for either parties). Since EVKS was very
strong opposer for JJ that made obvious choice for Cong as DMK. You
have to show some glimpses of EVKS now also.. As I am a regular viewer
of Sun TV, once the alliance was done..You just ignored EVKS. I know
without his influence the Rail route from Erode to Palani could not
be taken for study. Underlying reasons may be Subbulakshmi Jagdeesan
too.. But you rarely show them in the new.. At least, Sun news can
have some slot time for the UPA ministers good work and this would
bring a good will among the UPA till TN assembly elections... This is
much needed for TN growth...

Also, you have more responsibility than any other TV in India as many
viewers outside of India also watching it. I would appreciate your
fund Tsunami contribution and coverage in
visual.. [ Audio never carried any positive news ..Sorry .. Please do
not keep your propaganda to give -ve of JJ as every body knows her :)]