Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Appeal to BMTC ( Bangalore Metro Bus Transport )

Dear Sir/Madam,

Since Bangalore is a metro it is unavoidable for other state people to come here for business and work reasons. Given that, those floating population may stay here for a short duration. During that time, commuting in the city buses is really a night mare and they tend to hire a taxi or auto which again in fluxing the traffic to more and it is defeating the cause of having the public transport. What is the hurdle in taking the City bus for a new comer ? Becaue all the BMTC ( expect Route no : 138 and few new buses ) are carrying only Kannada route boards which is really an obstacle to find the correct bus.

Having English route board will some extend solve the any new comer to take up the BMTC and also the bus conductor or driver will be asked in each and every bus stop to inquire the route all the time.

As we run the public transport, we need to attract and make all the passengers to be comfortable in identifying the bus routes other wise having Kannada the route broad alone is defected by itself. You can even ask for the feedback from the conductors and drivers as in a day how many persons are asking them for the route clarity.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

What is happening in Bangalore

I recently moved to Bangalore as my career growth. There are many challenges here which are very toucher than getting one more job for me. You do not get house. Somehow even you are blessed to get a house next thing is schooling. For this even GOD can not help. KG admission is going very crazy and all political parties and public are talking about the professional admission which is not a big issue as plethora of private college are already there. But if you could not find a school for your kid how would he/she will be eligible for professional course after 10-12 years ?

Without a the capitation fee you can not get the admission for KG in any schools. One of the school run by real estate guys opening put in their web site that each KG admission is required to pay 50K ( Fifty Thousands Rupees !!!??? ) non-refundable fee and their anual fees comes around 30K.

The kids in the KG maximum spends 3hrs in a day in the school. I do not find any logic in taking these huge money..

But,there is no solution other than paying it !!!! Thats the reality...