Tuesday, July 05, 2005

How do you Pray to God !

It was very interesting to analyze the mode of prayers by Hindu Religious followers. I am not sure how about the other religions do. Some of the people always do remand GOD to fulfill their prayers by offering Money to the temple, Donation Gold, doing some yagam etc.. By doing this . Are we trying to catch the GOD and make Him oblige to our prayers ? This is what some pretend to do. But how we should pray the God is explained in a small story..

In some temple function celebration, a father and his daughter ( 4 yrs old ) were present there. Since it was a big crowd in the temple, the father told his kid to hold his hand tightly so that kid would not be missed in the crowd. Child tried to hold her father's hand for sometime but it could not hold properly. Thinking cute child asked her father that he could not hold her father's big hand by her small hand. Child also said that you had to hold my hand and make sure that I wouldl not be missed in the crowd. If I was missed in the crowd then you have to search me and you will run into problem to trace me in the crowd.

Like the Father holds the child's hand, we have to offer ourselves to be in the hands of GOD. It is up to the GOD to sail your life successfully.