Friday, July 13, 2007

Why I am not Beautiful ?

This is a question which every one might asked yourself ? If someone did not ask or think this question then those may really blessed by GOD with beauty which they believe is with them. It is not a simple question . It is more than a desire to be beautiful and it is an doubting of themselves. When this question comes into every one's mind, it leaves a desperation which could not be shared with others. Given that, every man and woman is more interested to show them beautiful.

If some one comment that you are not beautiful or handsome, then that leaves a sadness forever. Then it leads to the question to themselves “Why I am not beautiful ?” and “How can I become beautiful” ? which ultimately make them to think over and find out ways to become beautiful Thanks to the aggressive marketing of the cosmetic products and shortcut shop (beauty parlors for men and women).!!! After tried out with all tiresome beauty techniques and finally they would end up without the anticipated success. This is not specific to anyone rather common to all.

Whenever, we doubt our selves about the beauty of us, first thing every one seeks a mirror help which might not reflect anything extra. But, we might spend lot of time in front mirror with various posture and angle to see your belongs ! The mirror help is needed for most the people who aged more than just 14 years or so. This is one kind of conversation with ourselves to enjoy ourselves. The we ask many questions Why my mouth is like this ? Why not my lips are like that ? Why my nose is so flat ?? Why not my nose like Late Rajivi Gandhi!! These all questions are not answered by the mirror. And the same time we know that it can not mistake the mirror. either. Shall we take the blow on our parents or your fate? These unanswered questions might not be understood for many people but when your mind matures and then you know the beauty of the life. Let us find out really what is beautiful for every one at all the time !!!!!! in “What is Beautiful”???? Blog...

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