Friday, June 15, 2007

Presendential candidature 2007!!!

Whole country is witnessing the drama of selecting the Presidential candidature. Many of the people felt that the way the UPA reached the consensus was really bad. I would ask one question since independence "Did anyone have the chance of suggesting the names other than the ruling party?" From Rajaji to SD Sharma, the public was unaware about the whole process because the ruling part would have the majority and its candidate automatically becoming the President the country.

For first time, during NDA ( BJP ruling) they thought to file a candidate who can be widely accepted by all the parties. Do you think BJP was refining of the system from putting their own loyal person as the President ? Never, its a political compulsion as they did not have the clear margin of MLAs, MPs to make their loyal candidate to win. So, they went with Abdul Kalam which was the best and obvious choice available that point of time.

Again, it was a political decision only but it paved the way to find one of the Best President which India ever had! Kalam's candidature was not influenced only by his Wisdom and technical contribution to the nation but he hailed from the Muslim community which was in the minds of the all political parties. However, he never ever showed of the identity to any particular religion or language.This is the most appreciated one from Kalam as First Citizen of the India.

Due to the nature of the chemistry available in the political parties composition, at least we are convinced to accept the UPA candidature as the first Women President of the country. I would not take this as if we are now only giving the opportunity of the women for the Highest position of the country because we accepted Indira as our Prime minister and Sonia as the national leader of this country. Given that nominating the Women candidature is not equal to the political decision of getting Kalam as our President which was done by NDA last time.

But, we have a face saving candidature to get the benefit of the mixed political chemistry which has been prevailing in our country. Having said that Why political parties can come out openly to elect someone who is aware of all the political happening but not attached to any political party and whole country would look up him/her for the wisdom, knowledge and vision .. like More Kalams as our President of the country. The same time, I would like to Kalam to go out to the countries width and breadth to inspire more children as he has been doing. Whole nation has been looking at Kalam for wisdom, knowledge and vision even he becomes former President of India.

May God bless Kalam with many more years to server and inspire our country. And wishing him to witness his Vision of India 2020 by his own EYE...

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