Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What is Beautiful ?

Being beautiful is nothing but how someone keeps his/her mind and health healthy. If you think beauty is coming out external things like dressing, makeup, jewels etc, then it would not last permanently too. Because you need to maintain this beauty with cost of time and money for your sake. Every one is having our own beauty as none is alike others and every one have their own individual beauty which is to be admired and understood. Beauty is more related to mind, love, friendship, relationship etc. How we are caring others is a beauty of life. Even many people are going ahead to safe guard the stray dogs ahead of children's life. !!!!!!

Beauty of life is available in the every moment we live here. How we could visualize the happening is beauty and it is m more important of being beautiful to others by caring them. Whenever, there is rain, everyone enjoys ( if you are under shelter ) but not all could enjoy the beauty as it requires some inclination to enjoy the beauty.

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