Monday, December 31, 2007

Tiruppur as New District - Reckons its Developments

The below mail was sent to CM cell and Local administration minister on 17th Nov 2006. As Govt announced that Tirupur Municipality would be promoted as Corporation. But, my concern was why not it become a District along with few backward towns around Tiruppur. It seems that there is a plan for it. I am glad to know and also thrilled that my concerns are taken by Govt knowingly or unknowingly..

On Nov 17, 2006 9:59 AM, SenthilKumar N K wrote:

Respected Sir,

I am glad to know that our esteemed government has announced that 'Tiruppur' will be upgraded to Corporation. I would like to pin point that this may be good for Tiruppur. But, you may need to influence the developments of Tiruppur to adjoining towns like Dharapuram which has been in the backward stint for a more than 3 decades. To accomplish this I would suggest the following.

1. Government need to form a new District, head quartered at Tirupur.
This will definitely solve many day-to-day issues of biggest industrial communities not to go to Coimbatore.

2. New Tiruppur District shall have Dharapuram as of its Taluks. I am not here to comment how you could get the share from Erode and Comibatore Districts. But I can think of New Tirupur district is required to have Dharapuram and all its near towns like Kundadam, Mulanur, Kangeyam and Velakoil.

3. Obviously, Permanallur, Vijaymagalam, Avinasi and Palladam will come under Tiruppur.

4. When we have Krishnagiri, Permabalur, Theni like small towns are transformed to District, I think we need to really give a big support to make 'Tiruppur' as a District.

5. As Dharapuram has been under Erode which 80 KM from the HQ and it is not really great for us to have things done there. Even before this, we were with Coimbatore which was the same for us.

6. By having a new district as Tirupur, it grows as you planned for it and it helps to grow the adjacent towns which is more important.

7. So far, Dharapuram it has not been having any great political leaders to take up this matter to you. But I vow to take up to your People's Government to resolve this soon.


Yours faithfully
SenthilKumar N K

Copied To:

1. Local Administration Ministry Secretary under Honorable Minister Mr. M.K. Stalin

2. Planning portfolio Ministry Secretary under Honorable Minister Prof. K. Anbazhagan

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