Sunday, October 07, 2007


Inclusive of the weekend (Sat) I attended the Scrum training as we are looking for the scrum implementation of all the projects in my BU step by step. As a step one, we are making many folks trained in SCRUM.
Part of it, I attended the training. It is a new phenomenon and most of the companies are searching something to speed up the time to mark and detecting the earlier failure rather than knowing at after spending many months. The same point is much a catchy for the customers too.

As the prototype model, iterative and increment all served some good purpose. However, still there are many projects and its end customers are not happy about the way things are delivered to them as committed.

Scrum claims to remove this as much as possible in a way of saying " Art of Possible" .. It remands highly self-motivated team to do this. Surely, there is shift in the project paradigm as we managed so far..

Let us hope for the best...

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