Monday, September 19, 2016

Values  Vs Emotions  !!!!

I write here, what it comes to my mind after seeing all the incidents in Bangalore over Kaveri Dispute with high emotions have been running in both states !!!! Let me clarify, it was much unexpected violence in Bangalore to damage the properties belong to Tamils and torched more than 100 vehicles in Bangalore alone. Out of these, there are 42 KPN luxury Volvo buses   were burnt fully in its shed. This created lot of flutters about Bangalore not only in India but in the International news also for a day !

Every human being is identified by two important aspects which no other soul can have in the world.

1. Values
2. Feelings or Emotions.

Every one of us  is being influenced by these above and we are experiencing them in our all activities we do. At the same time, we are entangled between the Emotions and Values in a great way on how to handle them both together.  My understanding of both of them is simple.  Emotion is a transient phenomenon  and it can be indued by others or self by what you see or hear.(by using all sensory organs ).  This includes from religious sanity, sanctity of state and sex. All emotions are pertaining to oneself at any given point of time.  It can be easily tapped to others as well as ignite the half baked minds more than a well cooked minds by any great orations by so called leaders and real leaders also.  The point is, we  should inculcate Values  by oneself  with his/her own consciousness without any pride or prejudice of the value. This stays with the person till he/she dies. Unfortunately, values can not be transferred like emotions !!!
However, emotion plays major part of the everyone's life than values visibly.  As an individual we can only handle our emotions intelligently, which is a big corporate topic/training for more than a decade. We all might have undergone one or other time. Every human being is nothing but bundles of emotions. The nature of the emotion is by God's grace is short lived.  As you do not see a person with Anger, laughter, lust etc for days together. Unfortunately, when someone allow the emotions to continue for a long that creates a terrorist, drug addicts, sex abusers, social perpetrators, hooligans  etc.

A value oriented person controls his/her emotions though at times it crosses the limit and it can be brought back by the Values that he/she strongly inculcated in their mind and soul.  The value is well thought out one and to be inculcated !!! By doing this, we can proudly say,  we are living in a  very matured society.

கருணை என்பது தான் கடவுள் - அதில்
கடமை என்பது கருப்பொருள் !!!!  

Means :

Humanity is only GOD  - where
Duty is the Nucleus of GOD !!

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