Friday, February 29, 2008

Why do you hold your Response !!!!!

How many times you have regretted for your action and speech on behalf of your self!! This is sometimes ticking my mind how an individual would evaluate his speech and tone!!

Recently I attended one Soft skill training which is on the whole some learning was there.. In fact I really like the following terms but practice is in fact not an easy one !!!

1. Holding your response R1....

How many time you have thought and gave the reply, I am not sure I might have done is only for any touch technical questions but how many times we will be able to hold the response for the personal questions which might put you under pressure to open your month.

As the theory says, for any question your mind stimulates more than 'n' number of responses like R1,R2, R3...Rn. The R1 will have the utmost peak emotion based on the pressure applied on you for the response. This R1 would be only reaction rather than any logical or better response for the question. The beauty of the response is that it will die itself once it reaches the brain and brain not making it out. Then R2 will be in the R1 postion to be delivered. This R2 will be better one than the R1. You must hold the response to give the better response which would be good to continue or conclude the emotional discussion.

The challenge is that we must aware of this all the time when you respond. However, when I retrospect, we have been trained to give instant responses from schools to family circle. If someone think and speak, sometime it is valued as disrespect or sometime the school teacher expects the rapid fire responses from the students. May be these practices might influence us for being in this instant response state.

Let us hold our response how sometime we hold our breath :)


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