Saturday, April 23, 2005

YOU think We are the 'BEST' Techies in IT

For those of us who think Indian's are the world's best software
engineers, heres an eye opener. The ACM (association of computing
machinery) conducted a world level programming competition in which
all universities from around the world took part

Now many INdian colleges took part too - but the only 2 in the top 100
list were IIT Chennai (62nd position) and IIT Bombay (72). For those
of our friends in Ontario Canada, one of their colleges kicked butt -
the Univ of Waterloo came in third (congrats guys). Iran came 10th.
China had many colleges in top 10. Russia ofcourse was the topper.
Argentina came 35th, Singapore (Nat Univ) 36th and Bangladesh came in
40. Here's the hard truth - We show up on everyone's radar, not
because of quality, but because of volume. Indian consulting companies
charge dirt low prices and thats how they get projects. Its time we
got our shit straight.

Note: Snippet is taken from my Friend's mail !

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