Monday, April 11, 2005

Finally is working

Fwd: Does SUN network and DMK web URL change domain names to""!!!!!!!!! ( Thanks WWW.SUNNETWORK.IN WORKING ) Inbox

Senthil Kumar to queries, shammi
More options 8:09 pm (3 minutes ago)

Dear Sir,

I have been checking your URL once I sent the mail about the problem. The DMK org was quick to reply and they linked to which is fine. Thanks once again for DMK party.. !

I was little disappointed as I did not receive any reply from SUN Network and the same time was also not functional. Whenever, I see URL at the end of your program telecasts I got much frustrated as the non-functional web site was being shown without much botheration.

Atlast, NOW it is working and you have made the difference by not just linking to any 'in' domains, it seems the contents are being maintained in the same URL which is really a professional one..

Thanks for doing it.. I am poor guy thinks that I was able to send my views to you !!!!!!!!!!
Whether you did read or not I just vent my feeling this way to many orgs and big personalities in the public life..

Jai Hind



Krish said...

Great !!!
u did it :)

nksenthil said...

Please update your blog.. really boring your absence more than that no blogs makes the wrost :-(