Friday, March 18, 2005

Are Chennaities Unhappy over CAS then Vote against CAS!

There is a discussion often floated, Why Chennai alone has been taken for granted to implement the CARS. Few people felt that this CAS is irrational as out of the whole country only Chennai implemented this. Even we are ready to pay Rs 300 or more but we do not have the option of watching all the channels as rest of the India enjoys!!! ( I am not sure whether they are enjoying or succumbed to the exorbitant Cable rates ). But in Chennai the reality is different as most of the people in Chennai are happy to PAY only less than Rs 100 and enjoy the limited service (channels) offered.

If you are unhappy about the CAS ...pls vote

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Anonymous said...

Is there any point in giving our opinion in PetionOnline

How many of the chennai Officials access this site.

Are the results for this poll sent to the Chennai/TN Administation

What is the point in doing this.

Insted send a mail to cm cell