Friday, February 25, 2005

What I am doing some time !!!!

Most of the time, I tend to talk about the upliftment of the country by just following simple things which can be done easily by all. We do not require to get any Technologies,Knowledge or Fund for this.

What and HOW ????!!

We need to write to the top officials whenever you feel or experience some thing worth to mention. Every one might see the so many thing in roads or public place which we simply disgest and go. Instead we can start to vent the feeling by sending to the correct/concern authoriest/people reps.I have started this some years back as I do this as my time pass or venting the feelings !! I have sent mails to authorities/CMcell/ about the traffic, enforcements or any basic right violation.. I am going to publish some of the mails here in the blog...My friends ridiculed that I am speaking to the deaf or building the castle in Air.. I feel if the bloggers think it can be possible one :-)

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