Friday, February 25, 2005

Mail sent to CM cell and National Highways Secretary

Respected Sir / Madam,

It seem our Tamil Nadu maintains the top in the Road Accident list consistently.

It is shocking information. I am wondering even we do not have longest
Nation highways compare to many big states like AP, MH but still we
beat other states in terms of accident. I think we need to work on
this to reduce it not by patrolling alone ( really good move by CM)
but also by enforcing the speed limits which strictly should be
followed at least with the city limits. We need to do the analysis of
these accidents occurring place and identity permanent solutions rather
just making RED warning boards!

Also, road encroachments play a major part with in city accidents.
E.g 100 feet Road ( Inner Ring road ) just before Vadapalani ( after
MMDA single..the road narrows to less than 60 feet) .When the road
was laid how these encroachments have not been moved.. Since it might
be under disputed one, the encroached apart do not have permanent
building. This show that the owner knew he/she will have to vacate.. I
am wondering there should be something needs to be done to limit the
speed and the classification vehicles to be plying on the city roads.
I can point out many more example probably it would be better I say
what the roads are in better border marks.. I think it is

I know we have the classification but The classification should be
strictly followed..
In general, City roads (all the roads ) should have continuous platform
for pedestrians ( There should not be any up and downs due to
house/office entry, we should manage this one some how so that people
would prefer to walk in the platform) Also, since the platforms are
allowed to walk both ways, it should be wide enough to accommodate
alt east four people to walk together.. ( width must be more than 5

I think we need to do this alt east in 100 feet road as major traffic
is being experienced in this.
Also, we should not allow any private parties to enjoy not even an
single square feet. Because CMDA and other concerns mandate the house
to be built 3 feet from their plot boundary how can we tolerate this.
That too, if any body enjoys a single square feet that costs around
more than 1000 -2000 Rs property of the public.

I am sure we can do it by doing step by step remedies.

1. Remove the encroachments in all roads ( at least major roads )
2. Build the platform properly
3. Make the extra space for MTC bus stops and mandate them to follow
4. Enforce the speed limits
5. Fine on spot even if they vehicles is owned by Govt or semi Govt
6. Check the License quite often and also strict procedure in giving license.

When we have the capabilities to trap "Veerappan", I am sure the
traffic implementation would be so much demanding of any intelligence
just mere 'will'. Of course, this would not affect any body or
opposition party. As this would benefit every one and every body loves

Jai Hind !

Yours Faithfully
NK Senthil Kumar


Krish said...

I appreciate...

Keep up the good work...


nksenthil said...

Thanks Krish.. Hope I can infect many :)