Saturday, April 24, 2010

IPL deserves or BCCI/Modi

The power of India's decade long growth couldn't be seen better than any other filed other than Cricket by a common man. It attracted the world's top most cricketers to play for it, who might have thought that India was a just a 'developing' country. whenever they toured India.

The IPL has been feeding more than enough to the cricket obsessed Indian crowd. The crowd too enjoying throughly every bit of action from IPL. Did anyone deserve to be the brainchild of IPL ? The IPL was claimed to be a brain-child of Lalit Modi by media and many people. But, the bitter truth is that it was conceived from ICL ( Indian Cricket League ) which was tactically closed by the master mind and money power of BCCI.

The amount of money is being floating around the IPL could not be imaged by any one else including Modi!! When there are lot of unexpected growth and revenue, he has played his part to channelize it properly for IPL and also for himself. In the contemporary world, many of us want to earn the money as much as and as quick as possible. Around IPL, everyone of them are making huge amount of money at the cost of whom. It is all about entertainments for the people. IPL really a break through for lot of young lads who never ever get a berth in the international match. Still, IPL should be continued for the many reasons :) but not Modis, Tharoors, Pawars .. It should be governed by set of professionals. However, it would be great challenge for the whole country to find a single professional who would be loyal, honest and sincere to this 'Dollar Cows' !!!!!


Lakshmi Narayanan N said...
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Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

IPL is too much of cricket. Being in the land of Cricket frenetic, it is very pathetic that no one governs it. My concern is not about making money out of it but 8 hours of cricket per day for 60 days makes people unproductive.

Giving opportunities to young cricketers is not simply acceptable. There are many regional trophies. If you see, for the past three years, the prime importance is not given to first class cricket and test matches.

IPL is all about money, politics, glamor (in the ground and off the ground), showing attitude and controversies.

nksenthil said...

Thanks Lakshmi.. I am surprised to see your comments.. It encourages me to write more :) I just restarted almost 2 years later...